What customers are saying about Deke’s…


“I had Doug “Deke” DeKeyser over today to do some minor home repairs. He was able to get everything done in spite of some track lights that were extremely resistant to being inserted. He is very patient, persistent and definitely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for any home repairs you might need. His costs are quite reasonable too!”


December 2023


“Thank you Doug, as always, your excellence services are greatly appreciated.”


October 2023


“To my dear customers…I was sent e-mail today from Nextdoor congratulating me on my business being chosen as a 2023 Neighborhood Fave. My sincere appreciation goes out to those who thought so highly, and took time to vote for me! Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, I can’t directly share this great news with a most important lady…my Mom. Many of my customers knew about my Mom. She was incredibly supportive of my venture. She lived in Cary and was widowed in 1992. I spoke with her every day and spent much time with her. Sometimes a meal. Sometimes that crazy “honey do” list she always had (I miss that).

On the last week of July in 2022, she became very ill. I temporarily paused the business to help her. I made countless trips to Wake Med in Cary. First was the ER, then ICU, and some recovery. She never returned to the life that she had. On the very last day of the month, she passed away peacefully.

It’s been a difficult time over the past year. I’ve received tremendous support from family, friends, and customers. Things have gotten better. I’m hoping my Mom knows just how much I appreciate all that she did for me!”


July 2023


“Doug did a fantastic job replacing my broken porch pendant light with a new one I purchased. He was prompt at answering my message, sending me a very reasonable quote, and scheduling a time for the install. I will for sure be calling on Doug again for his superb handyman service.”

Robin K.

February 2023


“I’ve used Doug also for work – he installed a new garbage disposal and also fixed a leaky shower head (replacing the cartridge at the water turn-on/off). He came over, looked at the job, told me his hourly rate and I put him to work. Not only did a great job, but asked me afterwards if I was completely satisfied with his work. He told me to give him a call if either of his jobs gave me anymore trouble, and he would come back. I would call him again in a heart-beat.”

Jo Anne S.

November 2022


“Doug is extremely detailed, knowledgeable and just a great person. When he becomes your handyman, he becomes a friend. Doug is by far the best handyman in the area. I am extremely detail-oriented and have experienced some disappointments with other local handymen. If you want someone who will communicate clearly from start to end, do an impeccable job, and charge you less than you’d expect, Doug is your guy! “

Gene C.

November 2022


“Thanks, Doug! Agnes sent me a text and told me how incredibly professional and nice you are. She was so grateful you did this work for her so quickly as am I! “

Kara H.

September 2022


“Hi neighbors. I wanted to give you the benefit of my experience with Doug Dekes. He lives locally and his profession as a handyman offers quality service. He has been at my house several times and again just a few weeks ago. I asked him to do some tasks well beyond my know how and without the tools to accomplish these tasks. He is extremely precise and knowledgeable which he offers to assure your satisfaction. Extremely neat and clean which is especially important for interior projects. Check out his website. Deke’s Handyman Services 919-272-5606.”

Tony A.

July 2022


“I have also used Deke many times in fact he is coming tomorrow. He is very knowledgeable, professional, does it right the first time, and is fairly priced. In addition he is a nice person. I highly recommend him highly for any handyman services.”

Ed G.

July 2022


“Deke did an excellent job on repairing my bathroom faucets and had all the tools!!! I asked if he could install some window shades which I had attempted…. He did it with great ease. He had a little vacuum and cleaned up after himself. 5 stars!!!!”

Susan N.

June 2022


“Thank you so much, Your work is impressive”

Susan N.

May 2022

“Many thanks for your outstanding customer service today and for coming on such short notice to change the battery in the smoke detector. Paul and I appreciate all the repairs you do to keep our house in good shape! You’re the best!”

Phyllis S.

February 2022

“Neat, on time, friendly, professional!!”

Paula B.

December 2021

“Hi Doug,
Many thanks for sending me the invoice and for your excellent customer service!  I will definitely call you the next time we need repairs.  You do such quality work.  Happy Holidays!”

Phyllis S.

November 2021

“My highest recommendation for Doug’s Handyman service: on time, reliable, reasonable priced, highly customer focused and very effective at problem solving, I will use Deke Handyman again.”

Mary A.

August 2021

“Just yesterday I used a new (to me … he’s been at it for a while) handyman service … service name is “Deke’s Handyman Service”, but the gentleman’s name is Doug DeKeyser. I thought he did an excellent job at a good price (he charges by the hour,personally, I’d prefer a quote for the whole thing, but I didn’t find his charge prohibitive. 919-272-5606 https://www.dekehandyman.com”

Phil Z.

August 2021

“We used Doug’s services to fix a stuck basin drain plug and to correct some month old storm door installation issues. Doug was able to construct a drain connector solution by sawing and reworking an existing part, thus saving the cost and trip to purchase a replacement part. Our storm door now fits snugly against the frame. Doug is a conscientious handyman who enjoys solving “fix-it” puzzles creatively and at reasonable cost. Highly recommend.”

Kathi K.

July 2021

“Deke’s Handyman service is the best! Mr.Doug DeKeyser is professional. He did two times services for me and did a fantastic job. Great attention to details and extremely polite. His service charge is fair. Highly recommended!”

Jeong Y.

July 2021

“I can highly recommend Doug. We used him for several projects when we first moved into our home, and he’s professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Doug DeKeyser Deke’s Handyman Service 919.272.5606 www.dekehandyman.com “Service with integrity””

Valerie K.

June 2021

“We hired Doug (Deke) to assemble some furniture for us. He is the best! Professional, prompt in answering and arriving, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and great to work with!”

Susan K.

June 2021

“Detailed oriented, always on time and reasonable prices! Highly recommended…”

Adrienne K.

March 2021

“My highest recommendation. Doug’s broad handyman skills and high integrity are second to none. His outstanding skills include excellent communication, impressive problem solving, and customer-focused solutions that included teaching me some skills to improve my home maintenance abilities. Start with Doug and your problems are solved. “

Maggie V.

March 2021

“Used Deke’s Handyman Service for bidet installation. Super fab – highly recommend! Pleasant, professional, knowledgable, thorough, tidy, plus a reasonable rate. Won’t hesitate to use again for future handyman needs!”

Barbara S.

February 2021

“Highly recommend Deke’s Handyman Service and below is why! I recently had an issue with my guest bathroom shower that decided it longer wanted to distribute hot water. The solution is relatively simple with Moen faucets as the remedy is to replace the Moen 1222 One-Handle Posi-Temp Faucet Cartridge. I was able to replace the cartridge on my own which was actually pretty labor intensive, but when I put everything back together I could not reattach the faucet handle. Totally frustrating! Enter Doug with Deke’s Handyman. I gave Doug a call as he came highly recommended on Nextdoor. He actually came by my home two hours later! Simple fix for him as I had put the retainer clip on wrong and he was able to put everything back easily and reattach the shower faucet handle. I recommend Doug highly. He is very good at what he does and his pricing is very fair. Again I recommend Deke’s highly ! Thank you, Doug! I will Partner with you on anything needing a fix!”

Michael S.

January 2021

“Doug came to our home to fix a touch less faucet—not only did he fix that, he then was VERY helpful with three other unrelated issues we had. He is easy to talk with as he explains what he is doing. He is prompt, courteous and reliable. He is a keeper!”

Steve H.

December 2020

“Doug was friendly, professional and did a nice job helping install two ceiling fans at a reasonable price. Thanks Doug!”

Matt M.

December 2020

“Integrity and professionalism”

Rajeev V.

December 2020

“Doug did a great job fixing a door in our house that was stuck and wouldn’t close. He had to cut the door down to fit – and it looks brand new. Great work and great service!”

Ben H.

November 2020

“Doug was great at figuring out the issues with the platform bed and how best to use the existing configuration while solving the problem. He’s smart, relaxed, and gets stuff done. I was very pleased with his work and will use his services again!”

Lila B.

November 2020

“Doug is fantastic. He is extremely professional, thorough, and meticulous in his work. His careful evaluation of the jobs actually saved me significant expense and potential angst. Doug’s pricing is also very fair. He will not charge you for local travel or consultation / prep for the job. Top notch! Will call Doug again!”

Christine L.

October 2020

“We highly recommend Doug of Deke’s Handymen Service. He was very courteous and prompt. Fixed our Kitchen faucet and Toilet tissue holder. Will definitely be using him again.”

Nimoo R.

October 2020

“Deke at 919.272.5606. He’s a Handyman who is really adept at plumbing. Tell him Sean sent you if you decide to go with him.”

Sean L.

October 2020

“I would highly recommend Deke’s Handyman Service for your next project. I received a quick response for having my garbage disposal replaced and the price was very reasonable and he did a great job. Very honest and reliable.”

Christine P.

July 2020

“Wonderful customer service with attention to detail. A great resource!”

Samantha H.

June 2020

“Doug did a great job for us. He is professional, honest and thorough. We would definitely use Doug again.”

Anita M.

May 2020

“The last 2 weekends I have had Doug DeKeyser, owner of Deke’s Handyman Service. He is very, very professional and uses a laser level to do all the hanging jobs. He hung difficult shelves, my bedroom TV, and some heavy artwork. He is prompt and provides detailed invoices and lives in Amberly. 919-272-5606”

Kathryne M.

May 2020

“Doug did an awesome job installing our storm door! Nothing was standard about this installation but he found a workaround and we could not be happier with the standard of work and the professionalism he conducted himself with! Thanks, Doug. You rock!!”

Marianne W.

May 2020

“Doug is thoughtful and careful with his work, yet finished my plumbing job quickly. His rates are reasonable, and his responsiveness and communication were outstanding. I’ve been looking for a good handyman, and I’ve definitely found a good one. Recommended.”

Sean L.

May 2020

“In the last few years Doug has taken on various handyman projects in my aging townhouse. I have read all the reviews of “Deke,” and they are spot on regarding his work and his character. Before listing reasons Doug is an excellent handyman, I will mention that one of my favorite aspects of his work ethic is that he will not take/make cell phone calls while working on the job. This is rather unusual and refreshing.

I will try not to repeat what the other reviewers have stated already, but there is a commonality in the superlatives used to describe him and his work. Doug is indeed a man of integrity who has standards that put him in a class of his own. He is a passionate problem-solver, which is exactly what a handyman should be. He has a fascination with the tools themselves and how mechanical gadgets work. A trip to the hardware store for a plumbing piece does not make my day, but having enthusiasm for this kind of activity (which Doug exudes) is noteworthy.

Doug is prompt, courteous, a good conversationalist, thoughtful, truthful, clever, extremely neat, and accountable. He will not leave your job unfinished, and it will be finished to your satisfaction. If he is not comfortable doing a specific task, he will say so and recommend someone else.”

John W.

April 2020

“We have used Doug on more than one occasion. Extremely professional, reasonable and punctual. I highly recommend him for any Handyman needs.”

Jaynath R.

March 2020

“Doug was professional, punctual and meticulous. He did a great job on a tedious project! I would definitely call him again.”

Tonya B.

February 2020

“Wonderful to work with. Very detail oriented and professional. Will use him again!”

Kate Z.

February 2020

“Doug is very responsive, reasonably priced and nice. He installed a new garbage disposal for me within 36 hrs of calling him. I highly recommend him, did a great job.”

Cheryl W.

January 2020

“Doug is so helpful and always quick to respond. Highly recommended.”

Doreen W.

January 2020

“Simple solutions to complex home maintenance problems. “

David G.

January 2020

“I really appreciated Doug’s ability to handle all my little projects! I’m already making a new list for 2020 and I highly recommend.”

Kathy V.

“Heard about Deke’s Handyman Service on NextDoor. Based on many positive reviews, gave him a try. Exceeded expectations. Quality work at a fair price. Bonus is that Doug (Deke) is a really nice guy. Highly recommend for just about anything you need done.”

Shane B.

“Fantastic job by Doug with a couple of projects on my front door. He was professional and I appreciated that he took the time to explain things to me. He also caught some additional issues I was not aware of. I highly recommend Doug!”

Bertha C.

“Thanks Doug for a job well done. Would recommend-A+++”

Darlene H.

“We have had great experiences with Doug from Deke’s Handyman Service. https://dekehandyman.com/”

Keri D.

“A friend told me to contact Doug DeKeyser for some toilet repair. He did a fantastic job and repaired everything quickly and professionally. Best handyman I have hired in a long time.”

Ken F.

“Doug helped us install a couple of bidet attachments. Friendly, efficient, on time, and reasonably priced.”

Jit M.

“He is super knowledgable, very conscientious, had no problem fixing my door and cabinet hinges. The quality of his work is very good. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

Erica H.

“Doug was very professional, punctual, excellent quality, and cost reasonable. It’s not easy to find a top notch handyman, and Doug is just that. Highly recommend!”

Julie H.

“I recently hired Doug for some minor plumbing work. He is very professional, very personable and his work was excellent. I’ve already recommended him to a friend, and highly recommend him here on nextdoor.”

Ben I.

“I have used several handymen over the past years but none as great as Doug (Deke’s Handyman Service). I checked the Next Door app and Doug had the highest recommendation. It is well deserved. He is very honest, reasonably priced and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. I’m so glad I found him and will always call him first for repairs.”

Gayle P.

“I just had DOUG with Deke’s Handyman Service replace my garbage disposal and repair a leak in my shower plumbing. He did an excellent job. I noticed that there was a small amount of water under the kitchen sink the next day, and he came out THAT DAY (a Sunday) and looked at what the problem was. Turns out my kitchen sink faucet needs to be replaced – and he will definitely be the guy I call. Very nice guy, excellent customer service, honest prices, and will be truthful with you if you have a job that is too big for his expertise (like replacing a hot water heater). His phone number is (919) 272-5606. I found him by reading several other recommendations for him right here on NextDoor.”

Jo Anne S.

“Doug was amazing. He saved us $600 by fixing our garbage disposal and faucet instead of replacing them. We really appreciated his service. He’s a good guy.”

Jennifer S.

“I would highly recommend Doug for small handyman services. He’s honest, reliable, on time, and does good work. He’ll tell you up front what he does and doesn’t do. He’s also reasonable. I will continue to call him for jobs around the the house!”

Mia B.

“Doug was awesome to work with – quick, friendly and very knowledgeable. He was able to knock out our punch list in less than an hour and even helped with a plumbing issue that was outside what we had originally asked him to help with. He is now our go to guy and we highly recommend him!”

Britney R.

“Doug from Dekes Handyman is amazing!”

Keri D.

“We highly recommend Deke’s Handyman Service. Doug DeKeyser showed up promptly, worked diligently and we were impressed that he did not make a mess. He said “I don’t like to create more work for anybody.” He was exacting in making sure we were satisfied with the final result and did outstanding work! We will contact him again in the future to help us with any repair needs we have.”

Linda P.

“Doug just did some work for me. I am very happy with his work, precise, clean, on time and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely call him if I need more help fixing up around the house.”

Serena F.

“Doug helped me out with a lighting project. He’s very personable and you feel like you’ve got a friend coming over to help you. He installed two ceiling fans and swapped in a dining room light, a kitchen light, an office light, two hallway lights (one hanging over a stairwell). He replaced 2 flood lights that I couldn’t reach, installed a dimmer switch, a lighted outlet plate, and fixed a mess of tangled cables from a Roku setup. I’m very happy with the results!”

Bonnie K.

“We used Doug to take dowm some built in shelves and desk. He did a fantstic job of trying to minimalise the damage. He was very knowledgeable and even helped to fix the blind valence as an aside…. We will definitely use Doug again for any households jobs.”

Michael L.

“Doug was communicative, detail oriented, and timely. I will definitely call him again if I have more work in the future.”

Barry H.

“We used Doug from dekes handyman service and were very pleased!”

Keri D.

“Call Deke’s Handyman Service. Doug DeKeyser 919-272-5606. He lives in the area and has put up shelves in my garage. Very professional and experienced.”

Tony A.

“Just had Doug out from Deke’s Handyman Service. He’s done work for us before and like the last time, his work is stellar! We would never use anyone else for our “handyman” projects.”

Ellen W.

“I highly recommend Doug . He is an amazing neighbor who always is watching over my house and notices when something may be wrong at my house. I am a single mom who works. Doug has taken care of an ant infestation near my garage without me asking for his help, called me about packages that are still at the front of my door and today noticed that my garage door did not close after I left for work. He texted me and asked me if I needed his help. It actually became more of a problem. He did this on his own. A rare quality! I am beyond fortunate to have him next door- he is honest, thorough, intelligent and pays attention to details.”

Candace G.

“Reliable and talented!”

Amanda M.

“Doug is great! He repaired a pocket door for us…couldn’t do it the first try after spending an hour or so, didn’t charge us anything, but came back the next day (after some research) and fixed it….very dedicated and talented. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Dan L.

“Doug of Deke the Handyman 919-272-5606; trustworthy and quality work”

Mary G.

“Deke is experienced and provides excellent service! He listened to problems and explained about possible solutions in clear manner. And fixed plumbing issues in a timely and most cost effective way! Appreciate your help Deke!!”

Madhav T.

“Great prompt and professional service. Would recommend highly.
Eydie “

Eydie F.

“If you are in need of a handyman, let me suggest you contact Doug DeKeyser. A few days ago, he did an installation for me to my complete satisfaction. More importantly, in accomplishing this task, he clearly demonstrated the knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years. He is a craftsman. Neat, and meticulous about his work, I have no hesitation in giving him a favorable recommendation. You may reach him at : https://nextdoor.com/pages/dekes-handyman-service-cary-nc/recommend/”

Anthony A.

“Doug from Deke’s Handyman is really honest and very reliable!”

Keri D.

“I used Deke’s Handyman Service for hanging pendant lighting. He is detailed and great to work with. You can find him with a Google search or in the recommendations area of Nextdoor.”

Henry E.

“Doug is a great handyman who has done many household jobs for me. He is conscientious and a pleasure to have in my home.”

Bobbi F.

“I’ve just started with Deke’s Handyman Service and as many others I’m very pleased. Doug is helpful, thorough and dependable. I highly recommend Deyke’s Handyman Service!”

Donna L.

“Doug DeKeyser of Deke’s Handyman Service is professional, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. He is by far the best handyman in the area!”

Gene C.

“Prompt and professional, Doug was able to fix all our doors flawlessly !”

Sathish R.

“Deke’s did a fantastic job with our home repairs. I have used other handyman services and none compare to Deke’s. The work was high quality at affordable prices. Doug was very conscientious and worked hard to make our experience first class.”

Tim V.

“Doug is my go-to guy for my ‘honey-do’ list. He recently hung several blinds, a tapestry and mirror and handled some other items that required climbing a ladder. Doug was meticulous in making sure everything was hung properly. The following week I had him return to put a complicated piece of furniture together. After every task he made sure I was happy with the result. He was on time and cleaned-up before he left. If you want the job done right I would definitely recommend calling Doug.”

Jacquelyn W.

“We highly recommend Deke’s Handyman Service. Doug DeKeyser is thorough, extremely honest, knowledgeable person who charges by the hour and will tell you upfront if he can do the job. We are very pleased with everything he did for us! Phone: 919-272-5606.”

Mark G.

“We are very satisfied with Doug from Deke’s Handyman Service. He is very professional and dependable and his work is excellent!”

Phyllis S.

“We used Deke DeKeyser from Deke’s Handyman Service for MULTIPLE home repairs; he is a jack of all trades and does excellent work. He is also such a nice fellow – professional but also compassionate and kind. Highly recommend him and his services. 919-272-5606.”

June S.

“Highly recommend Doug from Deke’s Handyman Service! Doug was upfront, honest, and very informative! We were very impressed with his work.”

Keri D.

“We highly recommend Deke’s Handyman Service. Doug DeKeyser is professional and very knowledgeable. He did a great job putting up the storage shelving in our garage. He will be back putting in a door for us this week.”

Pamela T.

“Doug is great! He’s knowledgeable and punctual and seems to have everything on hand to get the job done. I’ve had him do several projects for us, including replacing the seal on our front door last year (which also involved some exterior paint touch up and carpentry work), and then fixing the latch on our back door and leveling the gate to our patio which was dragging on the ground and was impossible to open and close. In every case, he knew exactly how to achieve what we needed done, and if he didn’t have the tools or materials on hand, he ran right out to grab them. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy. Highly recommend him for any small or large projects around your home.”

Amanda B.

“We have used Deke’s Handyman Service. Doug is absolutely wonderful. He has done many repairs in our home and we are 100% satisfied with his work and his rates are very reasonable. He is extremely professional but also very personable. We have no reservations in recommending him for home repairs.”

June S.

“We had a small job and Doug came the same day, was pleasant and professional, and did a great job.”

Alice G.

“Re: Handyman
I use Doug, Deke’s Handyman Service and he is great “

Elaine G.

“I just called and researched handy man services. Dekes handyman service is best. He came here yesterday on time and was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dekes handyman service 9192725606.”

Gloria H.

“Need a Handyman?? DEKE’S
Doug from Deke’s Handyman 919-272-5606 just helped me out again! Always seems to come to the rescue with his expertise. He is a true professional.
Each project, we discuss and then he gets it done. Thank you Doug for being so good at your trade! I really appreciate all your help.”

Sharon S.

“Deke’s Handyman is a service I can whole heartedly recommend. Doug, the owner, is professional, thorough, reliable, on time, courteous and reasonably priced. Doug repaired wall board damage tp perfection for me, he also rehung a pair of French doors that were put of alignment. Doug works until the job is complete and as close to perfect as possible.”

Kathy M.

“Deke’s handyman 919-272-5606
He lives in our neighborhood too! Extremely reliable and trustworthy!”

Sharon S.

“Doug ,who is the owner of Dek’s Handyman Service,is a very thorough and professional handyman. He installed grab bars in our shower and he discussed several options. I was very impressed how thorough he was. He was prompt, courteous and did excellent work at a reasonable price. I’ll never use anyone else.”

Dale B.

“I highly recommend Doug DeKeyser at doug@dekehandyman.com or (919) 272-5606. He has sanded down stuck doors for me, unsealed windows that were painted shut by the previous owners, and replaced chandeliers and bathroom hardware for my house, among other things. He is professional, respectful and very thorough, always going above and beyond even the simplest tasks. He lives locally in Cary too and is always prompt.”

Valerie K.

“Toby, I had Doug DeKeyser (Deke’s Handyman Service) out last week and
he did a great job at a very reasonable price. 919-272-5606

Jo B.

“Doug removed and replaced light fixtures in my kitchen and dining room. He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. He also helped me with an issue with my storm door closers. He also showed up on time for the job. I highly recommend him.”

Roxanne W.

“Doug helped me out when I was in a HUGE bind regarding my washing machine. I cannot thank him enough for what he was able to do. I was having problems getting a corroded hot water line connection off of the valve in order to install a new washer. Can’t say enough about his expertise and counsel. I highly recommend him for your home projects, both large or small. I plan on using him in the very near future for a HDTV antenna relocation from my yard into the attic for improved reception.”

Michael S.

“I contacted Doug because I needed to replace my 3 fire alarms. Doug did a thorough inspection of the units and recommended I buy 3 new ones and scheduled a time to come back for the installation. He was courteous, knowledgeable, friendly and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality workmanship.”

Danni B.

“I have used Doug twice for a number of small, odd jobs around my townhouse, and I can’t say enough good things about him. We talked through the jobs, he presented options (including what he thought was best), and completed the jobs. In fact, he thought he missed something, and wouldn’t bill me until he verified he had tackled the list. I can’t say enough about his work!”

Michele B.

“Doug is very customer focused and gives honest solutions. He fixed our garbage disposal. I recommend him.”

Sreeni B.

“The sink erator in my kitchen wasn’t working and i called Doug for replacing it. However, he was able to repair it. He also helped me with other minor repairs around the house.The service was great and he responds to repair requests pretty quickly”

Sudha M.

“Doug DeKeyser (Deke’s Handyman Service)
919.272.5606. He is honest and trustworthy”

Cheryl J.

“Deke’s Handyman Service 919-272-5606 www.dekehandyman.com
His name is Doug and he is very knowledgable and nice.”

Laura P.

“Hello! My husband and I just moved into this lovely neighborhood. We needed help with some repairs, adjustments, garbage disposal, assembly of office furniture and a bed. We called Doug DeKeyser; owner, and were so pleased! He is a real professional, provides solutions and excellent quality work! No job was too small as well as any larger jobs we had.

We will definitely continue to contact Doug as our handyman. The list is growing already!!


Linda S.

“Give Doug a call. He’s great! *Deke’s Handyman Service*
919.272.5606  www.dekehandyman.com”

Deborah B.

“Doug is the best! I had a non working garage disposal and plan to replace it. Doug came and help me instead to fix it. He is professional, skillful and he charged me a reasonable price. I highly recommended him.”

Mazy L.

“Need of Handy Man
…I had a good one earlier this year and he is Deke Handyman Service, telephone number 919-272-5606. A very nice man and he lets you see what each this costs.”

Verna M.

“Deke’s Handyman Service. 9192725606. Doug DeKeyser. He is excellent and works with many of my senior friends and me.”

Paula S.

“Hi Doug…The railing looks fantastic!!! Better than new. You did a great job. Rich saw it and said we need to call him again!! And we will…Thanks again.”

Pat W.

“And by the way, thank you for the excellent & professional quality job. I am an avid DIY person and very picky when it comes to any labor (house, car, you name it). (Which is one of the main reasons why I rarely ever get anyone to do repair work for me). So I have to say that this is probably one of the only jobs that I did not have to go back and provide a punch list or redo anything myself. Now that says something about your average competition out there, and it says something about you too.”

Jeff M.

“Doug replaced an attic fan in a tough to access spot. Great work and prompt service. Will use Deke’s Handyman Service again.”

Jonathan P.

“I have a list of handyman projects, heard about Doug, contacted him, set up appt for next day. Doug arrived on time and quickly went to work troubleshooting garbage disposal issue, diagnosed and repaired. Also tested a number of electrical outlets that were not working reliably, provided and replaced several. Left work areas clean and neat.

We talked at length about several other projects that required planning and design. Doug made excellent suggestions and pointed out some issues that I hadn’t thought about. He prepared estimate with links to options and we are negotiating the remainder of the handyman services I need to complete my projects. I have recommended Doug to a few friends already and intend to call him as my handyman list grows.”

Cheri G.

“Great service! We had Doug assist us with our new music school. He hung guitars and TVs, mounted shelves, hung poster frames, diaper changing stations and more. Doug made sure everything was securely in place insuring the safety of our students. He is very professional. We will continue to call Doug for help!”

B2R Apex

“Thank you for the statement and invoice. Happily, I was able to print both out on my now well-functioning printer. Yay! I’ve also been enjoying my new DVD player. Yay, again! Your instructions were invaluable. Along with all your many other skills, you have great teaching skills.

It’s great to have yesterday’s projects so well completed! Many, many thanks for both your work and conversation.”